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2020 plan – mid-year checkpoint

It’s July 2020!!! Can you believe that? In 2019 I wrote about 2020 planning. In January 2020 I wrote about the first 2020 checkpoint.”All I remember about March – June is fog and confusion”Nobody thought about pandemic during the 2020 planning. This is why it is important to revise the 2020 plan and think is it still a valid plan. In most cases, it is not. We changed, the world is changed. Your plans should reflect these changes. Don’t follow your plans only because you want more stability. Remember that doing nothing or following the wrong goal is a decision and it will guarantee stability. So today I encourage you to be strong and dedicated to thinking about your goals.aIf you change all your 2020 goals, it’s ok. It’s ok to change the plans, career, life goals. The main thing is, to be honest with yourself.

I changed my financial plan twice this year. First in March, then in June. The reason is I realized that there is no such thing as the best moment to pursue my dreams. The moment is now. I found the courage to say my goal out loud and started working on it. Now it is even easier to make decisions because I ask myself: is this decision supports my goal? I rejected so many activities and spending because of that. Feels great!



August 17, 2020