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Can a product manager be timid❓

That’s an interesting question I thought.

Well, a PM can be timid. Does timidity do any good for a PM? No.

Have I ever met a great product manager who was timid? Introvert – yes. Timid – no.

A product manager doesn’t create products. A team does. It means that product management work is mainly about working with people, not with products, not with computers. The way you work with other people defines how good you are as a product manager.

Nobody says: She is such a great product manager because she does magnificent presentations or Excel spreadsheets or competitors review.

People say: She is a great product manager because she builds great teams that create great products.

When you show a timidity or lack confidence, it impacts your job and the way other people perceive you. People start thinking that you are not sure about the upcoming product, that you are not confident about your assumptions. Or in the worst-case scenario that you know that the product will fail but you don’t want to admit it and stop the development.

Your team start question your every step. It makes your job much-much harder. And a great product manager always tries to make their work easier and more efficient.


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September 2, 2019