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Controversial requirements

Have you ever experienced the situation when your audience is split: one part says we want it black (or this way), another part says we want it white (or that way).
It means your customers want mutually exclusive things.
What a challenge for a Product Manager! What to do not to lose either of your customer groups?
First of all, take a close look at your audience. Can you see several segments? Most probably yes.
Try to understand these two segments. It will help you to make a decision.
🔴 You may exclude one of the segments from your target audience and accept the risks to lose these type of customers. You can do it if an excluded segment’s requirements can damage the product.
🔴 You may make your product more flexible by injecting more settings. But be careful. Each time you add more settings, you make your product more and more complicated.
🔴 You may consider splitting your product into two. If the two segments have more differences than similarities then it could be a solution. For example, if you have small business and enterprise customers.
🔴 Provide open API so your customers can adjust your solution.



August 17, 2020