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Customer’s ecosystem

✨Now having a good product that solves the customer’s pain is not enough.✨

Neither consumers nor businesses live in the vacuum. Everybody has an ecosystem of processes and software. Solve the original customer’s pain is a start. After that, you need to understand where your customer lives. Which software uses? Which rituals have? What she does before and after your product?

It will help you to build-in your product in people’s life. If you can’t do that it will drastically increase the probability of churn and no-start.

For example, businesses don’t just call or accept the calls nowadays. They have CRMs, Ticketing system, email, patients management system and a lot more. It means you don’t provide the phone anymore, you provide the solution that makes communications efficient. Call from CRM – the customer doesn’t want to waste time and switch context. Know who is calling and get the customer’s ticket number before answering the call. This is a quick example of how you can build your product in a customer’s ecosystem.

Build great products and keep in my mind what ecosystem you customers have.


If you fail you learn

July 15, 2019


August 2, 2019