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From the office to remote

The world changed. Nobody was ready for it. A lot of companies all around the world announced the work from home mode for their employees. What we, product managers, should do to switch from office work to the remote option.

  1. Log your office informal communications. For example, if you get the morning updates while having a coffee near a coffee machine, you need to establish an alternative way to get those updates.
  2. Prepare for the lack of context. If you compare in-person communications and email communications, you will lack face mimic, voice intonations. This is why you can misinterpret the written text. The same phrase in the email and in personal conversation can make a completely different impression.
  3. Establish new routines. When switching from the office to the remote you can feel isolated and anxious and lack of control. Don’t be hard on yourself. Establish new routines, it will reduce the anxiety. Use video calls to have a feel of a team.
  4. Don’t hesitate to call. If you need something right away, like the latest update in the office, you just ask your colleague next to you. If you have this situation now, don’t hesitate to call. Don’t expect everybody to answer your emails immediately. The same is for chat – chat is not the real-time method of communications.  

What do you do to establish a remote work?