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How a PM can benefit from the hackathons

I would like to share my April hackathon experience. I was a judge for two hackathons and a moderator for the other one. The hackathons were so different starting from the target hacker’s audience to the rules to the complexity of the projects.

Uncommon hacks was a hackathon for high school and university students. It was such a pleasure to be a judge. I admire the courage of each and every participant. I salute your talent and desire to learn, try, make mistakes and try again. I know that it wasn’t easy to decide on applying for this hackathon. It was the first hackathon for a lot of people there. 

Fall in Veterans Hackathon. It is an amazing initiative for veterans who want to start their career in tech. My father was a marine officer who retired at 35 and started his career from scratch. This is why it was so important for me to support this hackathon as a moderator. I met a lot of wonderful people at the hackathon and keep in touch with them. 

Hack to the Future. It was a big event with a lot of participants. Great sophisticated teams, interesting ideas to make a change in the financial world. There were multiple criteria for the judging process technology, social impact, user experience, business.

Experience of the hackers

From the very beginners to pros.


There are multiple rules for each hackathon: for the team size, for the project. Somebody requires the project to be developed during the hackathon, somebody requires only the project update during the hackathon. It may be possible to use one project for the multiple hackathons.

How a Product Manager can benefit from the hackathons

The product managers can benefit from the hackathons in multiple ways.

As a hackathon team member, you can implement your great ideas, find a team, maybe start a startup.

As a judge, you have a unique opportunity to get a fresh view, new ideas, new trends.