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How to get maximum from education?

You probably have a budget for education at work. It’s time to create a list of conferences and training for 2020.
But how to get the maximum from it?

Create your list of areas for improvement.

To achieve your goal, you need to create a goal in the first place.
Understand what you want to achieve this year. Shift to strategic planning, be a better manager, improve communication skills, build a new team.
From the goal you created make a list of the required skills you need to get. And then focus your education on these skills.

Do your own research.

Often, people skip this phase and take the courses and conferences that colleagues take. There is no size that fits everybody. Create your own list based on your areas for improvement.

Select the target conference not only based on the topics and speakers but also based on the target audience.

Example: you need to improve your communication with other departments. You can select a huge conference like European Women in Tech and get multiple tracks with different topics and meet all kinds of professionals and talk to them, ask for advice, discuss the pain points.

Select training not only based on the topic.

Select the trainer first, then the audience. For example, I attended the Pragmatic Marketing course twice (In Boston and San Francisco). The difference is huge. Boston training had mainly a non-tech audience and had its own vibe. San Francisco training audience was mainly startup PMs. The audience is a part of the training because each participant shared their experience. Don’t hesitate to ask the training company about the target audience. The training is an expensive event, you need to understand what you can get.


It is a long term relationship where the mentor shares their experience, helping to get to the next level of your career. It is crucial to have a personal connection with a mentor. If you respect a mentor for their achievements but don’t like him/her as a person, you will not get the maximum from this mentoring.

Group Coaching.

If you are ok to share with the group your vulnerabilities and be honest about your fears and weaknesses, group coaching is a good option for you. Also, it is important to remember that a group provides support and you feel accountable for your milestones. Often, people keep in touch after the group coaching, which is awesome.

Individual coaching.

The whole process is focused on you. You get all the attention of the coach, you get the individual plan, action items based on your needs. It’s like: you can fly to the target point with multiple stops in multiple cities (or even counties) or you can order a private get and everything custom and get to the target point as fast as possible.
It is also super important to be personally compatible with your coach to get the max result.

I, as a product management coach, offer a free discovery call to understand the possibility of working together, to discuss the goal, the issues that a client has at the moment. Is the client’s goal in my competency zone(I’m equally good in all areas for sure)? A client can understand is it comfortable to be in coaching with me. Can a client trust me? Trust is important in any type of education.
If you are considering to work with me, you can visit >>this<< page with all the details of a coaching program. And don’t hesitate to book a call. It’s absolutely free.
If you are not sure what you can and cannot achieve in the coaching it is also a good idea to book a call to ask all your questions.

What if my manager owns the education?
Well, I’m sure your manager will be happy if you provide a list of the target activities and explain why you picked this versus that. Your manager can provide valuable corrections based on her bigger picture, suggest something that is not in your list based on her experience. Which is great! Don’t be shy to take ownership of your personal and professional development.


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