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Ideal week

Another great exercise that I would like to share with you. Imagine you are in the ideal world. How would your week plan look like? If your first thought is “I would be at another workplace”, then is a good start for a reflection.

How would you plan your week without a current pressure?

Would you reserve time for learning or reading every day/week?

Would you spend more time on strategic planning and long term roadmap?

Would you outsource any of your tasks?

Would you attend the conference that is in your list for the last 5 years?

Would you have a block of focused work, when nobody will distract you?

Be brave, create your ideal week plan. Then take a look at the week plan and mark the things you can implement right away. You will be shocked how much things you can actually have right now if you make it a priority. After that, revise the list of things that you would outsource. Is there anything that you have put in your list because you are not good at that or you afraid to try? Are there any core activities? If yes, then it might be a sign that you want to transition in another role. Think about it. Think about non-core activities that would like to outsource. Are there any possibilities to do that? Interns, other departments. Discuss with your colleagues, maybe they also suffer from the routine that doesn’t require your level of expertise. Maybe it will be cheaper for your company to hire a part-time employee to do that. At the end of the day, you may find that make your week close to ideal is possible. It requires priorities calibration and building habits to support the new schedule.


Revise your routine

May 27, 2019


May 27, 2019