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If you fail you learn

You probably heard this phrase. But you know what: it is super hard to believe it when you are facing the consequences of the failure.  

Let me share an example from real life. My life. As you probably noticed, English is not my native language. When I was a young engineer, I worked for the American company and was learning English. I had a tough discussion with my American colleagues. We couldn’t find the common ground. I faced a double challenge: to formulate my vision and to express my idea in English. I sent an email and exhaled.

Right after that my boss entered the room and asked how am I doing. He looked concerned, I was confused. He asked me to open my email and read out loud. “Please HESITATE to ask” was at the end of my email. I was desperate. It was a typo but in a very hot discussion. I thought I would be fired. No, I wasn’t fired.

My boss had a sense of humor and got me from the bottom of my desperation. My American colleagues understood that it wasn’t a bad intention. I bought an English course.

So don’t afraid to fail. If you fail, you learn. Use this opportunity not to blame yourself, but to get experience, reflect what worked and what didn’t. So you learn, you flourish.


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July 17, 2019