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Launch plan checklist

The launch is a day X for each and every product. The poor launch could damage or bury the product or the company in the worst case.
Often, you are so exhausted by the launch, so it is easy to forget something.
Each company has its own launch checklist, but I want to share mine with you. Each and every point reminds me of small and big failures during launches. It’s like stepping stones to my experience and future successful launches.
You can think “how it is possible to forget about <>?” Trust me, it is possible to screw up at each point. 😀
I remember the launches where at the very last moment it was uncovered that the name in the product differs from the name in the marketing materials. (The developer improved the naming)
I remember the case when we have launched with a major bug because it was lost from the known issues list due to copy/paste error.
I remember how made a typo in the postcard verbiage, my colleagues proofread the postcard and nobody noticed the typo. I realized my mistake looking at the freshly printed postcard. As you can imagine, I printed not just 1 copy. A lot-lot more.
I remember lots and lots of cases where every team member tried to bring the best to the product, but due to rash, fatigue, and lack of communications, it led to an issue.
Having a checklist is not about lack of memory or concentration. It is not a sign of weakness indeed. Even pilots have checklists.
There are several major areas to focus during the launch:

  • Dev & QA
  • Marketing & PR
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Support

Each area can contain one or more items. I prepared two versions of the launch plan checklists:

  • printable PDF version if you like to cross out items using the red marker
  • an excel file if you would like to import this plan to your system.

Don’t be like me. Use my checklist and earn your own library of mistakes.
And good luck with your launches!


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June 24, 2019