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Coaching vs mentoring

Mentoring vs coaching


Coaching, in general, is a process where a coach supports a client in achieving a specific goal. In our case – product management goal.


Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced person helps to guide a person to the next level of her career or expands the knowledge. The mentor has a certain area of expertise and professional connections. The mentor can share the experience, explan how the industry works, help to overcome the obstacles.

❓What is the difference between coaching and mentoring❓
Coaching is about reaching a specific goal. Mentoring is more about overall development and learning, finding answers on the professional path. A mentor shares the experience, knowledge, provides their professional contacts.

❓What type of coaching do you provide, Lilia❓
I offer product management individual coaching. You can get the program description >>>HERE<<<

❓Can I have a different topic that is not in your list❓
Yes, sure. If a goal is in the product management related space.

❓How can I understand that you are a good fit❓
Book a free 15min discovery call and we will discuss possible ways to work together. You can ask your questions and make a decision about whether I am a good fit for you or not.