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No experience in a CV. What to do?

What to do if you have no experience to show in your CV?

If you don’t have a real experience, you can show that you’ve already done your homework and understand what’s expected from the Product Manager.  Also, it is great, if you can show that you understand the overall development process. Here is the list of courses you may consider:

  • Product Management
  • Product Development lifecycle
  • Agile
  • Business analysis
  • Requirements
  • User Experience

There are a lot of courses, which one to take? Which platform is better than others? Are there any chances to take a free course?

Let’s start with the free options:

  • Coursera – you can take a free course. If you need a certificate (a great option for a student), then you need to pay for it, but the price is affordable
  • Skillshare

Affordable courses:

Other courses:

Offline courses:


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May 27, 2019