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PM, are you always available?

If yes, then you are in trouble. The impostor syndrome pushes you to say yes to everything and everybody to be a good product manager. But it doesn’t work that way. By being always available and ready to do anything for others you ignore your PM tasks. Also, you don’t have time for deep work. It means you cannot do your work well enough.

Impostor syndrome pushes you to do the wrong things to be a good product manager. This is why the impostor syndrome should not drive your behavior.

What if you plan your important tasks and strategic planning at the beginning of your day and fight and protect his time❓

Will your colleagues think that you are a poor product manager❓No.🙅🏼‍♀️

They will think that you have work to be done like everybody else. And I don’t suggest to stop helping others or answering the questions. I just suggest dedicating time to these activities.
Do you have protected time for the deep work and strategic planning❓


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February 3, 2020