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Post-launch planning

Post-launch planning

I often see that product managers don’t plan the post-launch period but think that they will switch to the next project.

That’s never true.😎

Even if the launch was successful, you always have tiny little things that you have postponed:

  • Minor usability issues to list and prioritize.
  • Answer the questions from sales and support.
  • Reflect on the project.
  • Create a list of things that need to be changed/improved
  • Highlight processes that didn’t work
  • Create a personal development plan not to make the same mistakes

And the last thing we never think of – rest. Yes. So obvious. If you are a human, you need to rest after the exhausting lunch, long hours, anxiety and stress.

Don’t plan major things right after the launch. Take your time to relax and recharge. Your mind and body will thank you for that.

The launch is an exciting and complex process. Make sure you have downloaded my launch checklist.