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Product Manager vs Product Owner.

 What’s the difference? Is it important which title do you have? Sometimes it could be confusing: who is the product manager and who is the product owner. Of course, it could vary from company to company, but in general, there is a difference. The Product Manager is the CEO of the product. Product Manager is responsible for strategy, roadmap. Often, Product Manager focuses on external activities like:

  • Talking to customers, partners, vendors.
  • Present a product at conferences.
  • Gather feedback
  • Work with non-technical teams: sales, marketing, PR

Product Owner term comes from an Agile framework and refers to a person who is close to a development team. Product Owner focuses on:

  • Detailed requirements
  • Interactions with the dev team.

In other words, their focus is tactical and primarily inside the company.
As the company growths, PM & PO responsibilities can change. One company has both PM and PO. Another has only PM or only PO.



May 27, 2019