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Remote team communications

It can be challenging. If you don’t have a personal communication, you have a lack of context like voice intonations, mimics, body language etc
What do you need to remember during your remote work:
✅ Context differences (time zones, language, holidays etc.)
✅ Cultural differences
✅ Frequency of the communication
✅ Make clear decisions, explain your decisions (avoid ambiguity)
✅ Make sure you don’t exclude people from discussions (it is easy to do if you have colleagues all over the world.)
✅ Make sure you provide enough context in your written communications. You can say it one way, it can be perceived another way in writing.
✅ Typos. Take it easy in others’ writing as well as yours. Sometimes we all make typos the way you can imagine it in the nightmare. Make sure it’s a typo before start a confrontation.

Two examples from my real work-life:
1. I work at the international company, I get calls at 11 pm or meeting requests for midnight not because people don’t respect my personal time, but just because they simply forget about the time difference.
2. I had a pretty intense discussion with my colleagues. At the end of the email, I wrote as usual “please don’t hesitate to ask” and sent out the email. 1 minute later my boss asked me how I feel about that discussion, he was super concerned. This is how I understood that I actually wrote: “please hesitate to ask”. I was shocked. It was a typo, but it sounded so rude. Thanks to colleagues, they understood that it was a typo.