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Revise your routine

One more productivity exercise that I would like to share with you is revising your routine. I do it every 3-6 months. You will need a notebook & pencil or you could use an app. Make notes about your tasks and routines for one week.

  • Morning routine. What do you do in the morning? Do you grab your phone first of all or enjoy the sunshine?
  • How much time do you actually need to get ready for work?
  • On which projects do you work during the day?
  • Do you have blocks of tasks dedicated to one project or do you randomly pick and chose the next task to work on?
  • How often do you workout?

When you have all the week records, don’t analyze it right away. Write down what do you think you did this week: patterns, habits, projects. Then analyze your records and compare with your assumptions. You may be shocked by a difference between how do you see yourself and what is going on in reality. But the goal is not to prove that you have an incorrect picture of yourself. Our brain always plays with us and it’s ok. The goal is to find areas for improvement, find your blind spots. This exercise gives you a tool to change your routine in the right direction. The direction that you want to move towards.


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May 27, 2019