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Should I postpone my transition to PM?

“Should I postpone my transition to Product Management these days?”I totally understand that this year is challenging. But the world is always uncertain. Product management is about uncertainty. This is why I would recommend to continue pursuing your dream. There are always ways to do it with a reduced level of risk. Don’t quit your job while you making the transition. Continue working towards a PM career. Apply to PM positions. Yes, a lot of people lost their job, they are in the job market. But before the pandemic PM role was also very competitive. Don’t let the competition stop you from your goal. Network. During the pandemic people tend to help more, that’s why the probability that you will get a response from a stranger is much-much higher. Whether it about getting a referral or about mentorship.
I mentored a wonderful young woman who made a transition to PM during a pandemic and having H1B visa. So, everything is possible. Do it now, because in 2021 you will regret losing a year and not starting in 2020.