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The Product Management coaching program

Join my coaching program for product managers!

What goals you can achieve in the coaching program:

Become a strategic product manager instead of fire fighting product manager

Organize your work, start delegating, start saying NO and get rid of the imposter syndrome

Create a plan, follow it and get the result

What is the coaching program:

6 weeks

weekly calls

setting a goal

a clear plan with action items

homework with feedback

support in messengers

Why do you need the coaching program:

  • you are busy all day long, but at the end of the day cannot say that you did for the strategic goals
  • you regularly postpone the strategic planning
  • you regularly cancel customer’s interview because you have urgent stuff to do
  • you cannot delegate anything because nobody can do it as well as you
  • you don’t plan your day because the plan will be ruined anyway
  • you want a promotion, but don’t have time or plan to move forward in this direction
  • you cannot focus on the important tasks because of constant interruption
  • you have an impostor syndrome that pushes you things you don’t need to do

And remember, we (humans) tend to accomplish things when we do have a goal, a plan, support and a person who keeps us accountable.

I’m here to be with you during your journey to your Product Management goals.