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The morning procrastination

Morning time – the perfect time for procrastination?

I have flexible hours at work, it means I don’t have strict boundaries. You can call it freedom✈. But it is a great opportunity for procrastination as well. Once I take a look at Facebook or Instagram notifications before breakfast, then take a look what’s going on there and Bang! 1 hour left. Then I realize that I need to start over my morning routine. I start getting ready in a hurry and forget about the things I wanted to do.

Taking into account that I have a lot of evening meeting with my colleagues and clients on another side of the planet, morning time is my time. so I need to get a maximum of it.

1️⃣ Plan. Each evening I prepare the plan for the morning time. I have a big notebook, so I write my plan and place the notebook on the table. The bright yellow notebook is the first thing I see when entering the family room – kitchen space.

2️⃣ What do I plan for the morning? I’m a morning person. I have the maximum energy in the morning. There are several tasks that I do either in the morning or don’t do at all (life experience).  So I do these tasks first of all. At the same time, completing and crossing out the tasks in the morning gives me inspiration for my workday, which is awesome.

3️⃣ How many tasks do I plan? For the morning time frame, it is usually I major task and several small tasks including home routine.  For example, I would never iron in the evening, but I easily can dedicate 15-20 min for it in the morning.

4️⃣ What if everything goes wrong? If I had a bad sleep or have a migraine in the morning, then I cancel all the tasks and relax. Or have a short walk. And the most important part here – I don’t feel guilty about it.
✨What is your morning routine?✨


If you fail you learn

July 15, 2019