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What is the best time to think about the launch❓

The minute you started writing the vision. The reason is that your launch approach can significantly change the product scope or any other team load or your load. Let me explain and share several examples.

  • Multilevel launch. If you would like to have a multilevel launch, you need to make sure you have the ability to do that. How would you define the customers for each launch stage? Will it be an automated or a purely manual process? Do you need any scripts or additional tools to do that?
  • Billing. Is it a standard billing or you have an idea on how to stimulate sales via a more complicated schema? Make sure your billing system supports your idea.
  • Promo. Will you provide any promos or combined packages? Example: for the first month after the launch if you buy a product A you will get a product B for free. Do you have the automated onboarding, purchasing, provisioning in place?
  • Onboarding. How will you onboard your customers? Will it be an automated or manual process? Do you need to release any onboarding tools with your new product?
  • PR. Will you do a PR by yourself or hire an external company for that? If it will be an external company, then it is a separate project that somebody needs to lead and synchronize with product development.

The launch is an exciting and complex process. Make sure you have downloaded my launch checklist.


Post-launch planning

November 6, 2019