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Why do you need to take the work notes?

Let me share the importance of work journaling:

✅Productivity. Track what do you do. You might be surprised by an actual percentage of your activities. Tracking is the first step to improve your productivity.

✅Visibility. You see what you’ve done and what kind of tasks fill your day/month/year. It is super important not only to take notes but also to revise and analyze the notes to improve your productivity. It often happens that you don’t remember what you did this year. Having notes is helpful.

✅Open questions. Keep track of the open questions you need to discuss. It is a pretty common situation when you have an off-topic open question and discuss it later.

✅Ideas. A wonderful idea can find you anywhere. It is important to write it down. You will not remember it in 30 min of your busy work.

✅Meeting notes. I can remember a lot of cases where I searched for meeting notes to recall the details.

✅Track the progress. Setting your goals and track the process is essential for the product managers. It could be education goals or product goals.

Also, scientists say that we better remember the information we have written down.

I remember a lot of cases when I couldn’t remember something, but I remembered that I have written it down and highlighted with blue in my notebook. That saved me a lot of time.


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March 16, 2020